Social Media

Need help setting up social media? Want help keeping it up-to-date? We can help you get started, or provide ongoing management services.

Where to Start?

Everybody's talking about Social Media nowdays, but is it right for you? Although we don't believe social media is a cure-all, there is a time and place where utilizing it may make a lot of sense, depending on your situation.

Where do you start? We start by first taking a look at your overall business--what kind of business do you have, what industry are you a part of, what demographics do you serve, etc.--and then determine if there is a place for social media.

Are there social networks or sites that make sense to be a part of? If so, we'll make our recommendations based on your business context, and then provide you with options for setting these up and maintaining them. Some clients may want us to take care of setting them up and updating them, while others take care of that all on their own and just want to get outside recommendations to make sure they're on the right path. Either way, we're here to help.

Contact Us

Wondering if social media is right for you? Contact us online or at (574) 233-1272 to get started.


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