Content Management System (CMS)

We help you manage your website content.

The Need

Most of our clients want to be able to update their websites themselves. If this is what you are looking for, we can help. By integrating your site into a Content Management Systems (CMS), we can give you the ability to easily add, remove, and manage your online content.

The Options

Our choice of the CMS we use will always depend on your specific needs. In some situations, we may use an open source CMS (like WordPress, Drupal, or Mura); in others, we may build custom management tools.

We regularly use different CMSs, and each one has its own strengths. Because of this, some solutions may make more sense in one situation, but not in another. Our goal is to set up a system that a) allows you to manage your site now, and b) has the flexibility to adapt down the road as your website grows.

Getting Started

Need help in setting up a system to manage your website content? Feel free to contact us online or at (574) 233-1272.


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